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AusRail – That’s a wrap!

16th December 2022

KeTech is back in the UK after spending a successful couple of weeks in New Zealand and Australia where the team connected with new and existing customers and exhibited for the second time at AusRail. The exhibition, which unites the

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The route to smart infrastructure

9th December 2022

Network Rail has created the perfect route to digitally transform the UK railways, one of those stops is smart infrastructure. The ticket to smart infrastructure is data, insights, AI, machine learning, to ultimately transition from being a reactive industry to

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Bringing Stations Alive

4th July 2022

Stations are living spaces within cities, where modern architectural lines meet older and more historical ones. Over the years, technology has been implemented and upgraded, but the intelligence behind it still isn’t there. Passenger numbers are starting to return to

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C-DAS, it’s fuel proof.

4th May 2022

This time last year we weren’t allowed to go anywhere and this year with rising fuel prices we can’t afford to go anywhere. The price of fuel is rapidly rising in the UK and currently there’s no light at the

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Connected Driver Advisory System (C-DAS) Strategy Paper

21st March 2022

1. Introduction C-DAS is a piece of technology which delivers significant benefits. These include: • Better train regulation to optimise network capacity and performance • Improved recovery from disruption • Improved support for conflict resolution (based on predicted running of

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The important relationship between digital and decarbonisation in rail

3rd March 2022

Digital transformation in the rail industry has already left the station but it’s going to be a long journey due to the fact that it is built, literally, on a centuries-old platform.   Decarbonisation is no longer a buzzword, it’s

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Climate change emergency, is the rail industry on board?

1st February 2022

The UK has committed to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 and rail travel will play a monumental role on that journey to decarbonisation. Decarbonisation has never been higher on the agenda in rail, and although 2050 is

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Big Data, Big Potential

1st February 2022

The rail freight sector is a complex system, involving a great number of different public and private stakeholders performing daily operations. The railway is going through a digital transformation and rail freight needs to keep up, especially if passenger and

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What part does innovation play in getting people back on the rails?

8th December 2021

There are so many factors involved in people’s decision to use or not use trains. Cost, station location, ease of journey/number of stops, speed of journey, ease of access to facilities. As a technology company there is a limit to

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KeTech secures new Australian contract

7th December 2021

KeTech is thrilled to share that the team has successfully secured a contract with Alstom in Brisbane. KeTech is excited to be designing a bespoke system for Queensland Rail’s NGR fleet, and for the first time, deliver real-time information to

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KeTech supplies intelligent information on the UK’s first Hydrogen powered train, HydroFLEX!

20th October 2021

A successful collaboration between Porterbrook and the BCRRE has resulted in a revolutionary, green technology project that is central to decarbonising the railway by 2050. The UK’s first hydrogen powered train, dubbed as ‘HydroFLEX’, will be showcased at COP26 in

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The drive for net zero!

14th September 2021

Climate change emergency, is the rail industry on board? The UK has committed to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 and rail travel will play a monumental role on that journey to decarbonisation. Decarbonisation has never been higher

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Time to reconnect: what to expect from KeTech at Railtex.

10th September 2021

Since March 2020, the world has wondered when we can return to normal. The kind of normal that includes face to face meetings, discussions over a coffee, exhibitions showcasing the best and brightest innovations. Employees and organisations adapted during the

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An Interview With Paul Warren – KeTech Sales Director

25th May 2021

What do you think makes KeTech different? The answer is simple, although the background is technical and quite complex. Our systems are different because they have been engineered to actually create the real-time information that is updated and presented dynamically

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How can technology help with social distancing as more people get back to travelling on the rails?

15th April 2021

Many trains are now fitted with passenger counting technology and digital seat reservations which has increased operational efficiency. Not only has it made reserving seats easier, it saves staff time on having to put “reserved” markers out and reduces time

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KeTech: Thriving in 2021

15th January 2021

For many, January signals a clean slate, a fresh start; 2021 should have been a new chapter with the UK beginning its new relationship with the EU as a non-member, but our uninvited guest COVID-19 has outstayed its welcome and

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Press release

16th October 2017

Upionsus, consupimilla et; nostiliaed ditra conoc, Cas mod clum dit; nostientis estat, vivernum tracrivis licii cur.

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13th October 2017 Read more

Press release

13th October 2017

Upionsus, consupimilla et; nostiliaed ditra conoc, Cas mod clum dit; nostientis estat, vivernum tracrivis licii cur.

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A Data Driven Approach to Decarbonisation

25th March 2021

The rail industry is ahead of the curve regarding decarbonisation, it is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel by or transport goods. So, why the push on rail to become even greener? Why not road? Cars have

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Be Better Informed: Christmas During Coronavirus

10th December 2020

This Christmas we have a self-invited, unwanted guest with us over the festive period, one that has already out stayed its welcome. No, it’s not the outlaws, it’s a visitor from overseas, one who doesn’t allow more than 6 guests

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Award Winning Connected Driver Advisory System

15th December 2020

KeTech is proud and honoured to have won the Challenge and Innovate Award for our Connected Driver Advisory System (CDAS) at this year’s Siemens Mobility Rolling Stock & Customer Services UK Supplier Conference! We are thrilled to be recognised for

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leave on the line winter weather

Be Better Informed This Winter

14th October 2020

Ah, the British weather. The nation’s famous obsession, kickstarting most conversations here in the UK. Research shows that Britons spend around 4 months moaning about the elements (hot or cold), but can you blame us? The unpredictable nature of the

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train software communication information

Bridging the gap between station and train

25th August 2020

RTM’s Ailsa Cowen spoke to three representatives from KeTech, Mike Dixon, Technical Director, Alistair Shutler, Software Team Leader and Graham Cooke Technical Consultant to find out about their innovative Universal Information System (UIS). KeTech has been providing customer information, PA

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real time passenger information

Perceived Travel Time & Real-Time Passenger Information

24th August 2020

KeTech explores the link between perceived travel time & real-time passenger information systems Time, the world’s most precious commodity and one we can’t create any more of. But just how precious is it? One way of thinking about it is

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stay safe at work

KeTech’s return to the office

4th August 2020

We look forward to welcoming our customers back to our premises in the future.

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Addressing the need, defining the standard UIS

18th August 2020

Universal Information System; the link between PIS and CIS

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KeTech explore the link between enhanced customer experience and increased rail travel

24th April 2020

Modern technology offers the opportunity for train passengers to have access to customised services and up-to-date information to enhance the rail journey experience. However, findings show there is a lack of knowledge about which innovations and services are most important

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Steps we’re taking in response to COVID-19

17th March 2020

In response to the developments of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, KeTech has introduced spread reduction and protection measures throughout its business operations. Our employees, partners and customers health takes priority and therefore we have adapted approaches that give precedence

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Why choose KeTech

2nd March 2020

KeTech is led by an experienced board of directors who have ultimate responsibility for the company’s overall performance and strategic direction. Strong leadership and high standards of corporate governance ensure that we conduct our business with integrity and in accordance

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We’ve Moved – (Again!)

2nd March 2020

We’ve moved – it’s our Nottingham office’s turn to get a brand new, shiny home! We’re so excited to finally be settled in, we can’t wait to share some photos once the finishing touches have been added. Following the move

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KeTech introduces situationally aware C-DAS

27th February 2020

The long-term deployment plan for ETCS (European Train Control System) is only part of the overall digital railway programme with other parts including traffic management, automatic train operation, telecoms and a connected driver advisory system (C-DAS) to support drivers with

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Pin-Pointing Punctuality

21st February 2020

Every second matters to passengers, but did you know quite how much? In 2018 passenger satisfaction dropped to a 12-year low, with 1 in 7 trains falling short of the industry measure of punctuality. During this period the Office of

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KeTech is pleased to formally announce its new CEO – Denise Lawrenson.

17th January 2020

In Autumn 2019, Denise took over as the head of the KeTech Group, having previously held the role of Managing Director, Rail. She has been a key member of KeTech’s Board of Directors for over 10 years and is well

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KeTech – Connected Driver Advisory System

6th January 2020

The November issue of Rail Engineer (issue 179) covered the Network Rail long-term deployment plan for ETCS (European Train Control System). ETCS, however, is only part of the overall digital railway programme, with the other parts including: traffic management (TM)

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KeTech goes to AusRail 2019!

12th December 2019

This December KeTech made their debut at AusRail Plus with new Australian partners, Omada Rail Systems. AusRail’s key themes comprised of delivering growth; creating opportunity and embracing technology. It was held at the ICC Sydney from the 2nd – 5th

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This October the team in Preston are celebrating one year in their new office!

14th October 2019

The Preston office at KeTech is celebrating one year in their new office premises! KeTech is growing and so is the team. KeTech centres itself around innovation, not only in its products but in the way that we work. We

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KeTech forges new partnership as company continues to grow.

1st October 2019

Real-time passenger information provider, KeTech Systems Ltd, has forged a new alliance with Australia based Omada Group. KeTech has a reputation for exciting the rail industry and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. For 20 years KeTech has

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Valued Additions to the KeTech Board

6th August 2019

As part of KeTech’s continued growth and evolution, the Board has invited longstanding Senior Managers Mike Dixon and Sue Speake along with Sales Director Paul Warren to join the Board Directors of KeTech Enterprises Limited. The appointments come after another

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That’s a wrap for Rail Live 2019

23rd July 2019

This June KeTech made its debut at Rail Live; the only exhibition that brings suppliers together in a real railway environment. The opportunity came about through Porterbrook’s commitment to progress and its decision to launch the Innovation Hub.   The

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Great expectations and how we meet them

12th July 2019

Across most industries, technology has provided great advancements resulting in a raise in customer expectations. Most people now have access to instant information so, when expectations aren’t met, there is an immediate way to make their dissatisfaction known. Things are

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Railtex 2019 – KeTech Roundup

22nd May 2019

Railtex has wrapped up for another two years and what a fantastic few days it was. The show hosted displays of well-established systems that are relied upon daily, as well as displays of exciting new products that promise to pave

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KeTech is selected for Porterbrook’s Innovation Hub

10th May 2019

For the first time ever, Porterbrook has announced it will host an Innovation Hub. The static train will be a unique platform for industry innovators to display new ideas for rail efficiency, passenger comfort and general service improvements. The Innovation

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Better Connected

3rd May 2019

Exploring the possibilities of a Universal Information System   With each exhibition and every award season that passes, companies across the industry challenge themselves to show how they’ve improved, how they’ve grown, what new offering they can bring. What we

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Chair of Transport Committee Visits KeTech

29th March 2019

KeTech had the pleasure of welcoming Lilian Greenwood, MP for Nottingham South and Chair of the Transport Select Committee to their Nottingham site last Friday.   Lilian has spent the past 9 years as the chair of the Transport Select

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Brexit Readiness Statement

8th February 2019

Since the UK referendum result on membership of the European Union (EU) in June 2016, KeTech has been working to assess and mitigate the likely impacts of ‘Brexit’ on its customers and suppliers under a variety of potential outcomes. Given

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collaboration UIS

Collaboration Breeds Innovation – KeTech in RTM

28th January 2019

Collaboration can make the impossible possible. When different people with different skill sets come together with a common goal, they can make history. Looking to the future of rail information there are several angles to consider; firstly, the passenger. After

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Another Win for KeTech

10th October 2018

In a major fleet refresh, Siemens Mobility has committed to providing KeTech’s cutting edge Passenger Information Systems (PIS) for travellers on London Northwestern and West Midlands Trains. KeTech’s reputation for market leading, enhanced passenger information solutions and its collaboration with

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We’ve Moved!

2nd October 2018

KeTech is pleased to announce it has moved. The Preston branch of KeTech’s operations has been expanding; with the launch of UIS ® (Universal Information System) this year and the success of KeInform500 real-time Passenger Information System the team has

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C-DAS has arrived – Get on the right track

11th September 2018

In another UK first, KeTech has been contracted to deliver a Connected Driver Advisory System (CDAS). At KeTech we pride ourselves on leading the way with intelligent, situationally aware systems that are both ground breaking and key to the improvement

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real time travel time

Time for a change – KeTech Featured in RTM Magazine

28th August 2018

When it comes to providing true real-time information and integrating with new and legacy PIS systems, KeTech doesn’t shy away. Not only does it provide the most accurate information in the market, but it also understands how this information must

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Ketech’s industry-first UIS system featured in Rail Technology Magazine

6th July 2018

KeTech’s Universal Information System (UIS) has been featured in the June/July edition of Rail Technology Magazine, one of the industry’s leading independent rail journals. The article details the industry-first product, which unites both wayside and on-train information systems for better

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KeTech Sales Team is strengthened with two rail industry specialists

4th May 2018

As part of the ongoing investment in our customer and market engagement strategy, KeTech is pleased to announce two new additions to our Sales Team.  Dave Bradshaw as a Business Development Manager and Mark Smith as an Account Manager. Both

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Helping to keep Britain’s rail passengers informed during extreme weather events

15th March 2018

There were few train operators that were not affected by the ‘Beast from the East’ or ‘Storm Emma’ in the last few days of February and it was those with KeTech’s Keinform500TM enhanced Passenger Information Systems

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Providing Passenger Information on London’s Underground for over 2 decades

15th March 2018

Through its new ‘lifetime’ contract, KeTech will continue to ensure that passengers on London Underground’s Northern Line are provided with real-time Passenger Information. Supplying the first generation PIS back in 1997

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KeTech’s Keinform+TM gets an overhaul

5th March 2018

KeTech’s Customer Information System, Keinform+TM is set to be upgraded, packed with lots of new features and interfaces as part of a major project to control over 400 stations from a single control centre. The upgrade will see over 400

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Keynote presentation at Intelligent Transport

16th October 2017

KeTech was proud to be asked to give keynote presentation at the Intelligent Transport Conference hosted at the QEII Centre in London. Stakeholders from international transport markets met to share development and investment plans

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