KeLink1000TM Driver Only Operated CCTV System

KeLink1000TM is our Driver Only Operated CCTV System for Safe Method of Departure.


KeLink1000TM provides a guards eye view of the full length of the train and platform interface. In an environment where customer safety is paramount, KeLink1000TM is designed to Safety Integrity Level 2 for the safe departure of Driver Only Operated trains, by enabling drivers to view dynamic images of the platform/train interface from the moment the train arrives until it departs. The system allows drivers to see clear images in their cab, at both surface and sub-surface stations.


Full coverage provided by minimal number of cameras

Easy driver assessment due to low number of cameras required

Increases passenger safety by allowing train drivers to view the entire platform prior to departure

The system utilises licence exempt technology, so there are no additional fees to be paid

KeLink1000™ is cost effective to upkeep, as it has no trackside equipment so maintenance is undertaken in safe areas

Designed to SIL2, ensuring passenger safety

Ultra low latency ensures no picture delay

No picture freeze ensures valid image at all times

An intelligent fail-safe blank screen if communications are lost

Fails safe in event of equipment failures

Designed in Great Britain


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