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A Data Driven Approach to Decarbonisation

The rail industry is ahead of the curve regarding decarbonisation, it is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel by or transport goods. So, why the push on rail to become even greener? Why not road? Cars have a life-cycle of about 10 years, compared to trains that have about 40 years, so any trains built today will only be mid-life by 2050. These trains will need to be re-engineered or scrapped before they get to the end of their useful life. A shift from road to rail is becoming more apparent, in both passenger travel and freight – the demand for new trains is very present. The race is on to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, along with the expectation for punctual journeys and truly connected meaningful information.

Apart from electrifying 100% of the railway, how else can the industry get on track to a zero-carbon future? Collaboration and innovation. Through turning problems into solutions, KeTech have been the market leaders in real-time information for over 20 years. Here at KeTech, all of our products are future proof, modular, truly connected with the capability to design bespoke interfaces into third party or legacy systems enabling fleets to get to the very end of their useful lives with the newest technology to meet passenger needs. Our truly Connected Driver Advisory System (C-DAS), is the Google Maps for the railway, C-DAS intelligently advises the most efficient driving techniques to the driver for consuming minimum energy (fuel or electric) and reducing wear and tear on the train, thus reducing the energy and cost used in maintenance. The reporting-tool provides driver feedback and provides meaningful, useable data, aiding efficient route and timetable management. Coupled with constant connectivity delays are reduced, stop-starting is avoided and looping in the freight sector is kept to a minimum, reducing air pollution, fuel consumption and journey time.

KeTech believe that in order to truly accelerate decarbonisation the industry must work together, investing in sustainable innovation for the future.

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