Another Win for KeTech

In a major fleet refresh, Siemens Mobility has committed to providing KeTech’s cutting edge Passenger Information Systems (PIS) for travellers on London Northwestern and West Midlands Trains.

KeTech’s reputation for market leading, enhanced passenger information solutions and its collaboration with Luminator Technology Group (LTG) makes this the only system for the 350 fleet. The trains will be updated to receive the most accurate and up-to-the-second information available; a statement which demonstrates that Siemens Mobility and West Midlands Trains are committed to customer service and not afraid to progress with the best new technology.

Siemens Mobility came to KeTech for the UK’s only truly dynamic, Darwin connected PIS. Similar unique systems are already operating on Hull Trains and Trans Pennine Express and LNER with our PIS capabilities proven to improve the customer experience and increase NRPS ratings.

David Whitley, head of customer experience for London Northwestern Railway said:

“We know that providing timely and accurate passenger information makes a big difference to our customers. This new system is part of a £29m investment into our current fleet, and part of a wider £1bn worth of investment into our services. This new system will be a great improvement on what our customers currently experience and will allow us to communicate changes to services more quickly and clearly, as well as helping people plan their onward journeys.”

The Passenger Information System is being provided by KeTech, who have worked in collaboration with LTG to produce the industry-leading system.

Denise Lawrenson, managing director for KeTech, said:

“We are pleased to be supplying London Northwestern Railway with this industry-leading, integrated information system. Connecting both passengers and operators together with real-time and enhanced journey information. In a world where Passengers are ever-more connected, it is essential that they are kept informed at every stage of their journey, something that London Northwestern Railway has committed to through this upgrade.”

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