West Midlands Trains,

Connected Driver Advisory System.

West Midlands Trains made a commitment to improve punctuality and provide a service that is responsive to passenger needs. To do this they needed an innovative solution, one that only KeTech could provide.


The challenge was to deliver the UK’s first dynamic and reliable, real-time Connected Driver Advisory System (C-DAS), such a solution has never before been operational on the UK rail network. The Client required a solution for their Class 350 fleet which would adhere to government legislation and industry targets regarding the reduction of CO2 whilst facilitating the franchise commitment to improve punctuality. The previous punctuality measure known as Public Performance Measure (PPM), considers a train to be “on-time” if it reaches its final destination within 5 minutes of the schedule for a short distance and 10 minutes for long distance journeys.

KeTech’s solution, C-DAS, measures a train as “on-time” only if it reaches each stop within 60 seconds of its schedule. The Client chose KeTech C-DAS because it is a pioneering solution which can demonstrate punctual journeys, real-world journey enrichment, accurate information, and a reduction in fuel expenditure resulting in bottom line savings. KeTech was the obvious choice there are no other providers offering this level of connectivity. To make C-DAS a viable solution it needed to be versatile in its integration with flexible display options and compatible with all train models. C-DAS would also need to be installed with minimal disruption to the fleet.


KeTech was able to utilise the clients’ PIS hardware and enhance it with agnostic software to provide real-time, accurate driver advice. This approach was not only cost effective but time saving as it eliminated the need to remove and replace obsolete devices. The system had a graded introduction by starting first in ‘shadow mode’ to capture journey and driver data for analysis then later going live with connected driver advice.

Results Delivered

  • Up to 20% reduction in fuel expenditure = fewer CO2
    emissions and financial savings.
  • First and only signalling connected C-DAS, meaning
    most accurate information delivered direct to train drivers.
  • Improved feedback during disruption e.g. reduce speed
    due to temporary speed restrictions.
  • Reduced wear and tear and costs associated with heavy
  • Improved driver guidance and incident investigation.
  • Complies with Rail Industry Standard RIS-0711-CCS.
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