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KeTech: Thriving in 2021

For many, January signals a clean slate, a fresh start; 2021 should have been a new chapter with the UK beginning its new relationship with the EU as a non-member, but our uninvited guest COVID-19 has outstayed its welcome and made this new year feel like an awkward extension to last year. Clearly COVID-19 doesn’t respect the calendar, and this has made the start of 2021 feel less “fresh and new”.

We knew Brexit was coming, we had time to consider impacts, plan contingencies and prepare for ‘no deal’, we may not have known all the details but we could ready ourselves for the change. Lockdown 3.0 might feel like Groundhog Day but we can draw on what we learnt from the first two and forge ahead undeterred. Here at KeTech, our teams love a challenge. We have big plans for 2021 and we’re not going to let anything get in our way.

Prepared to lead the way
At KeTech we are dynamic in our approach to all challenges. We address them the same way we solve problems that are brought to us by the rail industry; we strategize, innovate, commit and above all, succeed together.
With our fervour reignited after a relaxing Christmas break, we are back with a renewed drive. 2021 was always going to be a big year for KeTech; our products are developing, we are expanding, more Train Operators and passengers are experiencing the benefits of our systems and we are collaborating and innovating with our partners.

2021: Challenge Accepted
We saw out 2020 with an award for our industry leading C-DAS and we see in the New Year with an eye firmly fixed on the future. This will be the year that KeTech takes its one-of-a-kind UIS® to the next level, the year we show that our solutions can be applied across the rail industry as a whole and make them available to a wider market. 2021 will be the year that we embrace podcasts, virtual events and expand our global footprint, delivering what the market truly needs. A little ambition can go a long way with the right team behind you, and KeTech has that team.

We’re Growing
We start 2021 with three new members of staff joining the Software and Project departments and as we continue to grow so does our potential; each member of the KeTech team brings a fresh energy to pursue excellence and creative solutions for the whole rail industry. Continually raising the standards.
This new year might not have kicked off like they have in the past, but in our experience, challenges should be embraced. KeTech is prepared for a successful 2021 and we always deliver.

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