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KeTech’s return to the office

KeTech is pleased to be slowly and safely welcoming employees back into the office.

Eighteen weeks ago, we took home our laptops, favourite mugs and office chairs to begin our work from home journey in order to keep our customers and employees safe.
Like many other organisations, KeTech entered foreign ground. We began figuring out how to turn dining rooms into offices, adapting to working in social isolation and staying connected. Feeling lost in the unfamiliar, adrenaline kicked in and we became more resourceful, creative and more united. True leadership and guidance from KeTech’s CEO Denise Lawrenson, has led KeTech throughout this challenge and thrive through this strange, unknown chapter.

Here at KeTech our teams are passionate about our business, built upon progress, innovation and strong relationships. The obstacles that COVID-19 has placed in front of us has only driven innovation throughout the company, turning problems into solutions. With lock-down restrictions easing, KeTech is pleased to be slowly and safely welcoming its employees back into the office. KeTech has put appropriate measures in place to put its employees and their family’s safety first. KeTech is ensuring social distancing and regular hand washing is being adhered to. One-way systems, barriers and posters are also placed around the office and common areas have been restricted. Hand sanitizer, face coverings and antibacterial cleaning supplies are available to all employees. KeTech is employing a phased return to the office and carefully monitoring government advice and staff well-being.

It’s safe to say the KeTech family have missed the office and their colleagues and it is nice to have a bit of normality back. We look forward to welcoming our customers back to our premises in the future.


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