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Providing Passenger Information on London’s Underground for over 2 decades

Through its new ‘lifetime’ contract, KeTech will continue to ensure that passengers on London Underground’s Northern Line are provided with real-time Passenger Information. Supplying the first generation PIS back in 1997, KeTech has maintained and upgraded the system on the Northern Line for the last 20 years and completed a Mid Life Upgrade of the core system in 2014, bringing it in line with new regulations and updating technology and enhancing the system further last year to incorporate the Night Tube initiative.

As part of this new contract, KeTech will not only provide a comprehensive maintenance service, with full return to base repair facility, but will also offer enhancements which will provide improved operational effectiveness and ultimately a better customer experience.

KeTech is pleased to be the continued partner of choice for Alstom, providing better informed journeys which, benefit both passengers and operators, and demonstrating its commitment to the longevity of its systems.

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