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Time to reconnect: what to expect from KeTech at Railtex.

Since March 2020, the world has wondered when we can return to normal. The kind of normal that includes face to face meetings, discussions over a coffee, exhibitions showcasing the best and brightest innovations. Employees and organisations adapted during the pandemic and the digital world has been embraced, from 5-year old’s participating in virtual lessons to Grandparents using facetime and technophobes doing their weekly shop online. The pandemic has been a catalyst for technological development because it became a necessity.

Organisations implementing software for virtual meetings and presentations often makes a lot of sense; it presents a more efficient, cost saving option. The internet has definitely made the world a smaller place, but as we have become more connected to people around the world through technology, have we become dis-connected from those who live in our physical presence? There are still occasions when physical attendance is necessary, whether for networking, clarity or motivation – being in the same room still matters.

Now is the time to marry the optimisation and convenience of technology with the connection and fulfilment of a personal experience. KeTech facilitates this coming-together every day in real- world scenarios and the best way to demonstrate its impact is to let the technology do the talking, face-to-face, at Railtex. Day-to-day in rail there are just so many variables, some of which can be predicted but many cannot. This is where (the right) technology really steps up, it can process millions of data points, convey relevant, correct data and formulate connections between data and systems to create joined up information in real-time.

‘Real-time’ is popular buzzword at the moment, and it absolutely should be, what could be more important than having data in real-time to make a better-informed decision? What people consider to be real-time is up for debate, but in general it means to receive information within seconds of it becoming available. In rail, data is no good if you can’t transform it into actionable information quickly. Unfortunately, many systems that are ‘near real-time’ also fall into this category of ‘real-time’ – the difference? Near real-time systems process data within minutes, whereas KeTech’s systems process data within seconds, updating constantly to feed the most up-to-date information to its systems and the customers using them so they can truly make better informed decisions.

KeTech’s ultimate goal is to make both the passenger’s and the TOC’s lives easier and even COVID-19 hasn’t stopped us doing that. It’s been a big year for KeTech, the team pulled together more than ever whilst working remotely to compensate for the inability to be in the same environment. During that time, we’ve helped our customers accommodate social distancing with passenger counting and as always, clear real-time information regarding reduced services to provide a feeling of safety and confidence for those that had no other choice but to travel using public transport. KeTech also has been working on dynamic coach lettering and an exciting mobile platform for passenger information that we can’t wait to share at RailTex!

KeTech create products that are future-proof and modular, designed with the capability to interface with third party or legacy systems enabling fleets to get to the very end of their useful lives with the newest technology to meet passenger needs. Supporting a greener environment has always been important to KeTech, in November 2020 KeTech’s C-DAS was recognised for its benefits that support decarbonisation and increasing punctual journeys and was awarded the Siemens Challenge and Innovate award. Our teams in-depth research shows that KeTech’s C-DAS can save up-to 20% of energy, resulting in a cleaner environment and huge cost-saving.

The best way to experience KeTech’s products is in person – not over a zoom call. KeTech’s products are truly bespoke with endless possibilities. Over the past year KeTech has had a strong focus on decarbonisation and putting the passenger first, and we can’t wait to show you how our products are driving these initiatives forward at RailTex 2021.

For more information on how you can make sustainable investments whilst providing passengers with dynamic real-time information, visit KeTech at RailTex 2021 on stand N41.

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