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Why choose KeTech

KeTech is led by an experienced board of directors who have ultimate responsibility for the company’s overall performance and strategic direction. Strong leadership and high standards of corporate governance ensure that we conduct our business with integrity and in accordance with our core values to deliver our strategy and objectives. KeTech’s directors have over 75 years of experience in the rail industry between them, they are passionate and dedicated – creating teams of the same calibre.

Our people at KeTech are not only consultative and guiding, they are experts. We come from diverse backgrounds, bringing unique, innovative ideas to the table. We are thought leaders, our innovative approach and a track record for industry firsts and have a strong appreciation for what our clients in the rail industry need and understand the pressures that lie with senior decision makers. Here at KeTech we believe transparency is the best way to work, not only with each other but with our clients too. We are knowledgeable, committed and genuinely care about your company’s success, we will work hand in hand with you. We know what works. Your success is our success.

Not only are our teams the best in the market at what we do, but our products are superior too. We stand alone in providing enhanced, real-time Customer, Passenger and Driver Information Systems which offer our clients the unique opportunity to revolutionise their information with a fully integrated approach. Our products are robust, scalable and modular, ensuring that they can be tailored to the varying needs of operators. Our cloud-based architecture maximises flexibility, allowing us to interface with multiple systems, both existing and newly deployed. As market leaders we provide assurance of being at the forefront of contextually-aware, timely, dynamic, accurate, consistent, reliable and secure information.
Don’t just take our word for it, ask our customers. Our Passenger Information Systems elevated Hull Trains NRPS score by 7% in just over a year. Also, LNER who’s score went from 78% to 83%, that’s 5% up in a year -Transport Focus National Rail Passenger Survey: ‘Provision of information during the journey’. It’s our attention to the small stuff, our obsession to always be one step ahead and our passion to challenge the impossible that sets us apart from the crowd. Here at KeTech our vision is much greater than purely selling our product’s, we are determined to deliver positive change in the rail industry for both Train Operating Companies and passengers.

Our CEO Denise Lawrenson adds…
“Here at KeTech our teams are passionate about our business. Our culture fosters progress, innovation and strong relationships. We believe our business is only as extraordinary as our people. Along the way, we aspire for success together, learn together and celebrate our achievements together. We are a team driven by challenges, overcoming obstacles and turning possibilities into industry firsts”.

We are the market leaders, we are KeTech.

Get in touch to arrange a meeting, we would love to hear about your business challenges and discuss how our bespoke solutions can help. Info@KeTech.com

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