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Passenger Information System

As part of the largest train fleet refurbishment in UK history, KeTech was awarded a contract to design, develop and deliver on-going support for the provision of a real-time Passenger Information System (PIS), across the entire Class 390 (Pendolino) fleet, owned by Angel Trains, operated by Avanti West Coast and maintained by Alstom for services along the West Coast mainline between Scotland (Edinburgh and Glasgow) and London, along with Liverpool, Manchester, Blackpool, Wolverhampton and Birmingham to London routes.


The client’s requirement was for KeTech to provide a real-time Passenger Information System (PIS) across 574 vehicles, delivering real time information to 1148 information screens. KeTech’s PIS was chosen due to its true real-time capability, consistent information, automated service setting, and future scalability option for other fleets. The Class 390 Pendolino refurbishment objective was to provide best in class passenger experience at a lower carbon footprint than building new, and therefore required the most intelligent, flexible, and future-proof PIS on the market to exceed passenger expectations.

KeTech’s PIS was chosen due to its bespoke nature, KeTech’s system is fully connected and able to integrate into siloed systems utilising and processing associated data to create more value for passengers. The PIS installed on the Pendolino’s not only provides real-time, dynamic, intelligent information that is specific and contextual to each train but also has enhanced features to improve multi-modal travel and increase customer safety and operational efficiency.


KeTech’s experience in successfully developing and integrating PIS systems onto existing fleets, such as on TPE’s Class 185 fleet and WMR Class 350 fleet to create ‘better than new’ systems reinforced the flexibility of KeTech’s system and its proven ability to collaborate efficiently.

Prior to the installation of KeTech’s PIS, the Pendolino’s passenger information consisted of a flat database, providing static information. The refurbishment aimed to provide ‘state of the art technology’ for passengers which meant a complete information transformation via KeTech’s system. The team collaborated with multiple stakeholders throughout this project including Alstom and Avanti, to design and develop the look and feel of the PIS. KeTech’s ability to interface with multiple systems was essential to ensure the PIS met all stakeholder requirements and in particular Avanti’s needs and expectations. This included all-party workshops to agree how the system should behave, what the layout should look like and ultimately the customer experience.

Behind the scenes, KeTech’s PIS enables seamless operation for front line staff, complete with a Configuration Management Tool (CMT), passenger vehicle operators have endless options to send messages or content to a single train, to a whole fleet or a specific screen in a specific carriage. The centralised dashboard allows full remote control and full view of the fleet, that also allows the user to ensure the screens are fully operational and showing the expected journey information.  On-board the train, staff also have access to KeTech’s Crew App, this allows them to send ad hoc messages or updates to the displays for consistent and timely coverage of information across the train.

Results Delivered
  • A complete information transformation from a flat database to consistent, relevant, and real-time journey information.
  • New system meets the Approved Code of Practice for Passenger Information During Disruption requirements.
  • Integrated with CCTV, showing live CCTV images of the train on the PIS to improve passenger safety.
  • Service Delays with reason for delay, updated in real-time.
  • Service re-routes and cancelled stops, with onward journey information updated in real-time.
  • Dedicated media ‘slots’, inserted between the essential information pages. These include media notices providing information about scheduled engineering works, security messages or TOC advertising media.
  • Supplementary information; weather, news, and corporate information.
  • Centralised dashboard for management of whole fleet in one place. Enables view of all PIS status information and allows easy manual messaging to singular or multiple trains in seconds.
  • Train crew provided with app to send manual messages or updates to the displays for consistent coverage of information across the train.
  • Automated configurability, the PIS sets itself without the need for any user intervention to guarantee information provision for passengers.

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Every journey is different, that’s why KeTech’s Passenger Information System tailors the information and infotainment shown on every route to ensure a truly seamless experience.

Passenger Information System

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