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KeTech’s Passenger Information Screen provides intelligence and clarity.


Every journey is different, that’s why KeTech’s Passenger Information System tailors the information and infotainment shown on every route to ensure a truly seamless experience. KeTech’s Passenger Information System provides real-time information on board trains.

Drives positive customer experience.
Proven to increase NRPS scores.
Can be specified on new or retrofitted to existing rolling stock.
Clear and easily configurable information.
Centralised and remote content management and control.
Ability to set promotions/advertising remotely.
Fully scalable, resilient, future proofed and modular system.
Designed in Great Britain.
Direct Darwin real-time integration with dynamic journey information.
Low impact installation.
Enhanced with other data sources to deliver meaningful travel information.
Content rich, consistent and 100% reliable, trusted and relevant information.
Passenger Information During Disruption (PIDD) and Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) supported.
Can be provided as a fully integrated solution with intelligent displays.
Low bandwidth, Internet of Things connectivity ensures information updates within seconds.

Product Information

Every journey is different, that’s why KeTech’s Passenger Information System tailors the information and infotainment shown on every route to ensure a truly seamless ride.

Everyone likes to think that their products are different, but KeTech’s PIS really is one-of-a-kind. Our next-generation PIS cultivates information in the cloud from numerous real-time data feeds. It is a highly complex software solution and the only system that uses a top-secret blend of full Darwin data for sourcing everything from real-time train running information to onward journey data, distributing intelligent information in seconds to provide the most accurate information possible to empower customers and crew. Keeping you connected, always.

KeTech’s PIS translates data into intelligence and presents it in a matter of seconds to eliminate the risk of out-of-date information. The system displays the live progress of the train, allowing customers to know exactly where they are on their journey and how long it will take to get to the next stop.

Things can change fast on the rails, that’s why KeTech’s teams have spent years perfecting a real-time Passenger Information System that acts autonomously to actively support Train Operators and automatically perform as many routines as possible. Operators can establish ‘triggers’ through a set of business rules within the system for it to automatically perform tasks, from displaying the reason why a train is late to activating PA announcements. The system also allows operators to manually send out messages to specific train, carriage, or entire fleet either in seconds or scheduled beforehand.

Like every KeTech product, our PIS was designed with scalability, security and reliability in mind. It’s not always easy but it’s the kind of innovation we believe in. Every customer has different needs, whether that’s a lite touch solution or a fully integrated system. The real-time data engine is hosted in a high availability cloud environment with encrypted transmission to keep you secure.

Technical Information

Journey Progress Tracker

Enhanced System Information

System Features

Enhanced Features

Simple Operation


Intelligence runs in the family

Our products work even better together.

Driver Only Operated CCTV

KeTech's Driver Only Operated CCTV provides a guards eye view of the full length of the train and platform interface. With an ever increasing emphasis on safety, KeTech created a DOO system with ultra low latency images to guarantee zero possibility of picture freeze. The system is designed to SIL2 and is both industry and TfL approved, providing drivers with the knowledge that they can depart safely.

Customer Information System

Our Customer Information Systems provide rich real-time data, the information presented is fully-intuitive making it understandable for a broad range of customers. Our CIS takes into account the different scenarios and needs and provides additional channels, such as an app and station PA, to communicate the correct information through the relevant channel.

Universal Information System

KeTech's Universal Information System (UIS) transforms systems into smart systems. KeTech's UIS leverages the use of existing systems and sensors to allows mass automated data collection and analysis to create the distribution of useful, intelligent information through new channels; directly increasing connectivity of the environment and enhancing customer experience.

Connected Driver Advisory System

KeTech's Connected Driver Advisory System is designed to create seamless journeys across the network. Our C-DAS integrates with ETRMS and provides real-time, situational advice to drivers improving network capacity and meeting critical timing point locations. C-DAS creates fuel-efficient drivers, resulting in significant cost and energy savings.

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