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Driver Only Operated CCTV.

In 2006, KeTech was chosen to design a system for this prestigious project due to its extensive experience of both Platform-to-Train systems and the London Underground environment.


With an ever increasing emphasis on safety, Metronet/London Underground required a method of safe departure for One Person Operation trains from the thirty three Victoria Line platforms. The project required provision of transmission and receiving equipment on all platforms and a new fleet of trains.The Victoria Line operation had been utilising the traditional method of safe departure using mirrors/platform based monitors but now required a safer more effective solution.


From contract award, timescales were always going to be a major challenge coupled with limited site access due to multiple concurrent projects and a new fleet of trains that were already in final development stages. KeTech rose to the challenge by designing a complete bespoke system from the ground up, working within the considerable time and access constraints imposed by the customer. KeTech managed the Platform to
Train project on both technical, programme, access and installation issues providing maximum flexibility in all areas.

Leaky feeder based transmission technology was selected as the optimum solution for the Victoria Line project. The choice was made against a wealth of experience in the various technology types available for Platform to Train applications and is by far the most flexible when performance, installation and ease of maintenance are considered. Leaky feeder transmission has been utilised in the Underground for in excess of fifteen years and has proven to be a highly reliable and robust technology.

In addition to the transmission element of the project, KeTech designed the platform camera configuration to meet the latest London Underground
Standards for CCTV coverage. KeTech designed the transmission system, incorporating improvements in technology and making provision for the
latest trackside and train-borne requirements. The results speak for themselves – real time interference free colour pictures presented to drivers via the KeTech Platform to Train system. From the off, KeTech were faced with major challenges such as time constraints and limited site access due to multiple concurrent projects and a new fleet of trains that were already in final development stages. Rising to the challenge, the team at KeTech designed a bespoke system to meet the customers requirements.

Results Delivered

  • Extremely high integrity system – enhanced by a train-borne signalling interface.
  • No picture freeze ensures valid image at all times.
  • Designed to SIL2, ensuring passenger safety.
  • Fails safe in event of equipment failures.
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Never miss a thing with our Driver Only Operated CCTV. Our system is designed to SIL2 with ultra-low latency, providing drivers with the knowledge they can depart safely.

Driver Only Operated CCTV

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