Driver Only Operated CCTV

Never miss a thing with our Driver Only Operated CCTV. Our system is designed to SIL2 with ultra-low latency, providing drivers with the knowledge they can depart safely.


Our Driver Only Operated CCTV is designed with zero latency image technology, providing drivers with the confidence they can depart safely.

Full coverage is provided by minimal number of cameras.
Easy driver assessment due to the low number of cameras required.
Increases passenger safety by allowing train drivers to view the entire platform prior to departure.
The system utilises license-exempt technology, so there are no additional fees to be paid.
KeLink1000™ is cost effective to upkeep, as it has no trackside equipment, so maintenance is undertaken in safe areas.
Designed to SIL2, ensuring passenger safety.
Ultra-low latency ensures no picture delay.
No picture freeze always ensures valid image.
An intelligent fail-safe blank screen if communications are lost.
Fails safe in event of equipment failures.
Designed in Great Britain.

Product Information

At KeTech, we know that there is no room for complacency when it comes to safety on the rails, active prevention and monitoring play a key role in keeping passengers and staff safe. KeTech developed its industry approved Driver Only Operation System (DOO/OPO) to support drivers in making better informed decisions, displaying the full length of the train and platform interface in cab from the moment the train arrives until it departs the station. 

Our system is designed to Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2), drivers will never miss a thing, only ever being presented a true image. The system is designed with ultra-low latency allowing the driver to detect potential and developing emergencies enabling quick response. The system not only guarantees zero picture freeze but also has a fail-safe feature if there is any kind of failure.

The system operates with a very high integrity, interfacing with the train-borne signalling and management systems as the train travels. Transmitted signals are received by antennas mounted on the train, which are then fed into the train-borne equipment. Images are displayed in various formats on LCD monitors located in the cab, providing full coverage of train and platform interface allowing a safe method of departure.

Real-time information is at the core of all our products, we created our DOO system to help prevent safety incidents before they happen, protecting spaces and people on the rails.

Technical Information

System Information


Train-borne Equipment

Imaging Subsystem

Intelligence runs in the family

Our products work even better together.

Customer Information System

Our Customer Information Systems provide rich real-time data, the information presented is fully-intuitive making it understandable for a broad range of customers. Our CIS takes into account the different scenarios and needs and provides additional channels, such as an app and station PA, to communicate the correct information through the relevant channel.

Connected Driver Advisory System

KeTech's Connected Driver Advisory System is designed to create seamless journeys across the network. Our C-DAS integrates with ETRMS and provides real-time, situational advice to drivers improving network capacity and meeting critical timing point locations. C-DAS creates fuel-efficient drivers, resulting in significant cost and energy savings.
Real-time on train Passenger Information System (PIS)

Passenger Information System

Customer experience was at the forefront of the development of our Passenger Information System (PIS). Our fully configured PIS combines real-time journey information and infotainment, providing contextual information specific to each route on a single platform.

Universal Information System

KeTech's Universal Information System (UIS) transforms systems into smart systems. KeTech's UIS leverages the use of existing systems and sensors to allows mass automated data collection and analysis to create the distribution of useful, intelligent information through new channels; directly increasing connectivity of the environment and enhancing customer experience.

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