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KeTech offers a digital difference

Rail data specialist KeTech says while organisations are responding to digital transformation by employing new technology throughout their operations, it’s clear there is still a significant gap in knowledge and understanding of how to get best value from it.

Upgrading or replacing singular systems alone is not enough; an organisation needs to have intelligence at its core to become different.

KeTech specialises in aggregating real-time data to create innovative solutions to enhance the rail journey. It believes that systems don’t just need to be faster or better, but different as well.

According to the company, successful adoption demands the automation of hundreds or thousands of processes which are influenced by algorithmic systems; digital transformation comes when these systems’ combined behaviour exceeds the total of their individual behaviours.

“Just as graphite turns into diamond under enough pressure, at a critical point, more data and algorithms can transform the rail industry and the way it operates entirely. This is at the heart of what KeTech offers, intelligent transformed data in one single central place,” it said.

KeTech believes the industry has been challenged with fragmented legacy systems that are hard to access.

Digitalisation allows the visibility the industry needs to move forward, increasing clarity of operations through unification and centralisation of data.

“Rather than being treated as an afterthought, real-time connectivity and data centralisation needs to be the foundation of any strategy to successfully unite data and users,” the company said.

“The rise of smart cities means that our railways must evolve in parallel. Passenger needs and expectations have changed dramatically in the last few years and although new technology has been implemented, these systems are disconnected, creating frustration for users living in an increasingly connected world.

“The progression of efficient movement of people and freight does not rely on infrastructure alone, but through the use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Without the intelligence behind the infrastructure, these sensors and systems are siloed, creating a barrier to the amount of value they bring to both staff and passengers.”


ITS are based on the integration of technology, gathering a variety of information about transport networks, travellers, and vehicles to make data-driven decisions at system level.

In most cases, the technology is available, but the unification and structure of systems is not.

According to KeTech, existing systems in the rail industry provide masses of unstructured data daily and was therefore limited without ITS.

“ITS leverage the use of existing systems and sensors and allow mass automated data collection and analysis to create the distribution of useful, intelligent information through new channels directly increasing the connectivity of the environment,” it said.

“The only problem with this is that the real-time element is still missing. What use is intelligent information to keep people better informed if it isn’t presented in real-time?”

An ITS is only useful to passengers and staff if the masses of data are processed, translated and presented in a meaningful way, in real-time.

KeTech’s systems offer the railways an opportunity to transform, without starting from scratch.

KeTech sales director, Paul Warren, said the company’s point of difference was based on its Universal Information System (UIS).

“We live and breathe smart systems .We develop and implement real-time, connected information systems – but that is just scratching the surface,” he said.

“KeTech’s UIS is truly unique: it is the only system that harnesses technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, Cloud computing, unlimited data processing as well as advanced analytics in real-time to provide a whole new level of ‘connectedness’ and automation.

“KeTech’s UIS is able to connect individual sensors and systems, process the data, and provide intelligent outcomes with the highest security and reliability, resulting in lower operational costs and next level customer experience.

“It unlocks true value compared to what individual systems can do in isolation, connecting them to reach full functionality.

“The system allows all assets to be monitored and managed centrally from one dashboard in true real-time, with the addition of trend reports and analysis to aid future management.”

ITS such as KeTech’s UIS can strengthen passenger trust and confidence through strengthening the technology architecture.

“This overarching architecture essentially removes the barrier of siloed systems, allowing them to talk to each other and disseminate data and for the data provided to be translated into information unlocking the system’s full potential,” Warren said.

“As with anything, there are challenges when implementing digital transformation. There is no unique formula for success, every organisation’s situation must be studied individually in order to embark on a successful journey.”

April Issue 2023, Rail Express – https://www.railexpress.com.au/ketech-offers-a-digital-difference/

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