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A signalling connected approach to C-DAS

Published in Rail Express Australia. The rail industry is feeling the pressure to do more on its journey to net-zero; not only because the time is right, but to mitigate the direct affects climate change has on the rails. In Australia we are seeing the direct effects of climate change, from extreme heat to bush […]
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Innovation in concert with the basics

The appetite for innovation in the rail industry is stronger than ever in a bid to truly transform the way it operates and moves people. The search for the latest innovation to solve industry problems is in full swing, but are we reducing focus or even disregarding the basics in the process? What do we […]
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The route to smart infrastructure

Network Rail has created the perfect route to digitally transform the UK railways, one of those stops is smart infrastructure. The ticket to smart infrastructure is data, insights, AI, machine learning, to ultimately transition from being a reactive industry to a proactive one
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AusRail – That’s a wrap!

KeTech is back in the UK after spending a successful couple of weeks in New Zealand and Australia where the team connected with new and existing customers and exhibited for the second time at AusRail.
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Bringing Stations Alive

Stations are living spaces within cities, where modern architectural lines meet older and more historical ones. Over the years, technology has been implemented and upgraded, but the intelligence behind it still isn’t there.
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C-DAS, it’s fuel proof.

This time last year we weren’t allowed to go anywhere and this year with rising fuel prices we can’t afford to go anywhere. The price of fuel is rapidly rising in the UK and currently there’s no light at the end of the funnel.
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