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Connected Driver Advisory System (C-DAS) Strategy Paper

C-DAS is a piece of technology which delivers significant benefits. These include: • Better train regulation to optimise network capacity and performance • Improved recovery from disruption • Improved support for conflict resolution (based on predicted running of trains), • Reductions in energy use and carbon emissions • Reductions in wear and tear, e.g. wheelsets and brake equipment.
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The important relationship between digital and decarbonisation in rail

Digital transformation in the rail industry has already left the station but it’s going to be a long journey due to the fact that it is built, literally, on a centuries-old platform.
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Big Data, Big Potential

The rail freight sector is a complex system, involving a great number of different public and private stakeholders performing daily operations. The railway is going through a digital transformation and rail freight needs to keep up, especially if passenger and freight are to ever work alongside each other in harmony. Optimising operational efficiency has been a challenge since railways were first invented. With the coming of the ‘digital railway’ and big data being seen increasingly as a strategic asset to help guide decisions, KeTech discuss how big data can help increase the operational efficiency of the rail freight industry.
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Climate change emergency, is the rail industry on board?

The UK has committed to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 and rail travel will play a monumental role on that journey to decarbonisation. Decarbonisation has never been higher on the agenda in rail, and although 2050 is a generation away any decisions made today will have a direct impact on the UK’s ability to meet its target in the most cost-effective way.
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What part does innovation play in getting people back on the rails?

There are so many factors involved in people’s decision to use or not use trains. Cost, station location, ease of journey/number of stops, speed of journey, ease of access to facilities. As a technology company there is a limit to our ability to impact these factors since we don’t set the prices and we can’t […]
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KeTech secures new Australian contract

KeTech is thrilled to share that the team has successfully secured a contract with Alstom in Brisbane. KeTech is excited to be designing a bespoke system for Queensland Rail’s NGR fleet, and for the first time, deliver real-time information to the passengers of QR. KeTech is well known in the UK rail industry for its market leading real time information systems and it seems the news has travelled overseas, 9443 miles to be exact.
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