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At KeTech, we create real-time journey information systems on station, on train and in cab. Our systems have built-in intelligence bringing new levels of connectedness, customer experience and ease of day-to-day operations.

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Universal Information System

KeTech's Universal Information System (UIS) transforms systems into smart systems. KeTech's UIS leverages the use of existing systems and sensors to allows mass automated data collection and analysis to create the distribution of useful, intelligent information through new channels; directly increasing connectivity of the environment and enhancing customer experience.
Real-time on train Passenger Information System (PIS)

Passenger Information System

Customer experience was at the forefront of the development of our Passenger Information System (PIS). Our fully configured PIS combines real-time journey information and infotainment, providing contextual information specific to each route on a single platform.

Customer Information System

Our Customer Information Systems provide rich real-time data, the information presented is fully-intuitive making it understandable for a broad range of customers. Our CIS takes into account the different scenarios and needs and provides additional channels, such as an app and station PA, to communicate the correct information through the relevant channel.

Connected Driver Advisory System

KeTech's Connected Driver Advisory System is designed to create seamless journeys across the network. Our C-DAS integrates with ETRMS and provides real-time, situational advice to drivers improving network capacity and meeting critical timing point locations. C-DAS creates fuel-efficient drivers, resulting in significant cost and energy savings.

Driver Only Operated CCTV

KeTech's Driver Only Operated CCTV provides a guards eye view of the full length of the train and platform interface. With an ever increasing emphasis on safety, KeTech created a DOO system with ultra low latency images to guarantee zero possibility of picture freeze. The system is designed to SIL2 and is both industry and TfL approved, providing drivers with the knowledge that they can depart safely.

Our Services

At KeTech, every product we make is built to last. We design durable, easy-to-use systems with innovative features that customers depend on. If something does happen to go wrong, our support team are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to get you back up and running.

The best experience. Only with KeTech.

Real-time data experts.

Delivering seamless journeys across the network.

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UK know-how for Australia’s trains

KeTech is making a commitment to bringing its technology to Australia to improve the passenger experience. KeTech has been changing the game for the UK’s passenger rail network. It is improving real-time journey information systems in stations, on trains and in the driver’s cab and has identified Australia as an area for growth.  Rail Express spoke with Mike Dixon […]
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Closing the gap at the intersection of impairments and inaccessible rail environments with Universally Designed Real-Time Information.

Although the UK and Australia are at opposite ends of the globe, when it comes to the  railways, they’re not all that dissimilar. Since 1997, the UK has navigated the environment of a part government and a part privately owned rail environment. Around the same time, Australia’s railway was privatised too. The main barrier faced […]
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Adapting to Shifts: How Evolving Industry Demands Drive Specialised Technology Expertise

1385 million passenger rail journeys were made in 2023, on many of them, passengers will have encountered varying levels of on-board journey information and therefore experienced different levels of customer experience. Certain passengers may have encountered a Passenger Information System that remains inactive during their journey. Others might have encountered static information displays, limited to […]
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KeTech provides innovative technology to the railways, transforming the industry one system at a time. At KeTech, we are always looking to the future, to find new ways to advance, to raise the expectations in the industry and set the new standard.

We deliver a range of exciting projects, each with their own challenges; however, the benefits they provide to the rails, passengers, employees and industry goals are monumental. Join us in the next chapter of our story as we help you begin yours.

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