Customer Information System

Effortless journeys begin at the station.

Our Customer Information System provides passengers with a new level of clarity, providing intelligent information quickly and intuitively.


KeTech’s Customer Information Systems deliver clear, up-to-date information on stations and platforms. Our systems provide the latest updates in real-time so passengers can make better informed decisions about their journey.

Drives positive customer experience.
Darwin real-time integration.
Can be integrated with new or existing hardware.
A tailored central control room system.
Fully scalable, resilient, future proofed and modular system.
Multiple data sources providing enriched information.
Manual mode facility allowing operator input at times of disruption.
Low bandwidth, Internet of Things connectivity ensures information updates within seconds.
Utilises multiple data sources to provide resilient service.
Seamlessly interfaces with other KeTech Systems.
Automatic mode supplying dynamic journey information without operator intervention.
Content rich, clear, consistent and 100% reliable, trusted and relevant information.
An intuitive user interface with operator tools always available within one mouse click.

Product Information

At KeTech we believe there should be confidence in rail, this starts at the station. On arrival, the first thing customers look for is a Customer Information Screen to provide them with faultless information, fast.

Our Customer Information System (CIS) is a channel that provides passengers with rich real-time information and gives operators a platform to control and communicate key messages. Years of experience in CIS have allowed KeTech to design a real-time, fully intuitive CIS that can be easily understood by a broad range of users.

Like all our systems, KeTech’s CIS was designed with customer experience at the forefront, resulting in a system that exceeds user needs on stations. Our system provides clear, real-time journey and platform information that is integrated with PA announcements for a consistent experience, improves passenger flow and safety throughout busy stations; with features including facilities information, holding passengers in waiting areas to avoid overcrowding and informing passengers of the time it will take to get to the platform from the current location.

Developed with full Darwin integration and multiple other data feeds, the system acts autonomously supplying precise travel information removing the need for operator intervention. Operators can easily gain manual control of the system to distribute audio and visual messages in just a couple of clicks. KeTech’s integration experience allows us to utilise and re-use existing equipment in a “wrap and embrace” process.

Technical Information

System Information

Enhanced System Information

Enhanced Features

Multiple Data Sources

MMI Software


Intelligence runs in the family

Our products work even better together.

Real-time on train Passenger Information System (PIS)

Passenger Information System

Customer experience was at the forefront of the development of our Passenger Information System (PIS). Our fully configured PIS combines real-time journey information and infotainment, providing contextual information specific to each route on a single platform.

Driver Only Operated CCTV

KeTech's Driver Only Operated CCTV provides a guards eye view of the full length of the train and platform interface. With an ever increasing emphasis on safety, KeTech created a DOO system with ultra low latency images to guarantee zero possibility of picture freeze. The system is designed to SIL2 and is both industry and TfL approved, providing drivers with the knowledge that they can depart safely.

Universal Information System

KeTech's Universal Information System (UIS) transforms systems into smart systems. KeTech's UIS leverages the use of existing systems and sensors to allows mass automated data collection and analysis to create the distribution of useful, intelligent information through new channels; directly increasing connectivity of the environment and enhancing customer experience.

Connected Driver Advisory System

KeTech's Connected Driver Advisory System is designed to create seamless journeys across the network. Our C-DAS integrates with ETRMS and provides real-time, situational advice to drivers improving network capacity and meeting critical timing point locations. C-DAS creates fuel-efficient drivers, resulting in significant cost and energy savings.

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Northern Rail, Customer Information System.

KeTech seamlessly phase out Northern Rail's legacy system and transform over 400 stations with KeTech's intelligent, real-time Customer Information System.
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