Universal Information System

Get more out of your systems.

Our Universal Information System connects unlimited systems so you can streamline operations and improve customer experience all in one place.


Our Universal Information System is an Intelligent Transport System (ITS), harnessing IoT, AI, Cloud computing, unlimited data processing and advanced analytics in real-time to unlock true value compared to what individual systems can do in isolation, connecting them to reach full functionality.

Innovative holistic solution.
Centralised management of information systems.
Drives positive customer experience.
Supports PRM compliance.
Bidirectional communication optimising available data.
Facilitates operational improvements.
Updates distributed instantaneously.
Consistency of information.
Modular and scalable.
Designed in the UK.

Product Information

KeTech’s Universal Information System (UIS) is truly unique, it is the only system in the UK that harnesses technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud, unlimited data processing and advanced analytics to provide a whole new level of ‘connectedness’ and automation.

KeTech’s UIS is a real-time Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), the system was developed to create intelligent railways, streamlining operations and customer experience through strengthening the technology architecture. KeTech’s UIS removes the barrier of siloed systems, allowing them to talk to each other and disseminate data and for the data provided to be translated into information unlocking the systems full potential.

KeTech’s UIS connects individual sensors and systems, processes the data, and provides intelligent outcomes with the highest security and reliability. Resulting in lower operational costs and next level customer experience. KeTech’s UIS unlocks the potential of what individual systems can do in isolation, connecting them to reach full functionality. The system allows all assets to be monitored and managed centrally from one dashboard in true real-time with the addition of trend reports and analysis to aid future planning and management.

Our Universal Information System was designed with flexibility, the agnostic design means that UIS® is compatible not only with KeTech products but with almost any other system, reducing additional upgrade costs as older technology can be brought in line with new and eliminating the risk of our customers being tied to a single hardware supplier. At KeTech we believe in evolution, not revolution. Our UIS was designed to be futureproof, making the integration of new or additional systems easy so your UIS can grow with you.

Our teams created a system that breaks traditional data siloes, bringing a new level of connectivity across the railway and achieving greater value out of available data.

Intelligence runs in the family

Our products work even better together.

Driver Only Operated CCTV

KeTech's Driver Only Operated CCTV provides a guards eye view of the full length of the train and platform interface. With an ever increasing emphasis on safety, KeTech created a DOO system with ultra low latency images to guarantee zero possibility of picture freeze. The system is designed to SIL2 and is both industry and TfL approved, providing drivers with the knowledge that they can depart safely.
Real-time on train Passenger Information System (PIS)

Passenger Information System

Customer experience was at the forefront of the development of our Passenger Information System (PIS). Our fully configured PIS combines real-time journey information and infotainment, providing contextual information specific to each route on a single platform.

Universal Information System

KeTech's Universal Information System (UIS) transforms systems into smart systems. KeTech's UIS leverages the use of existing systems and sensors to allows mass automated data collection and analysis to create the distribution of useful, intelligent information through new channels; directly increasing connectivity of the environment and enhancing customer experience.

Customer Information System

Our Customer Information Systems provide rich real-time data, the information presented is fully-intuitive making it understandable for a broad range of customers. Our CIS takes into account the different scenarios and needs and provides additional channels, such as an app and station PA, to communicate the correct information through the relevant channel.

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The client has a commitment to improve punctuality and provide a service which is responsive to passenger needs.
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